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9:09 – the Gaia Minute – it starts now

January 2, 2012

The number 9

Posted by Meenakshi Suri on September 13, 2009 at 3:30pm

A child’s game, a search for meaning, a swami’s call, a perception of
the moment, a director’s vision, and a community comes together.

That is the call of Gaia. That is the magic of the Gaia minute. And it starts this Monday.

A child’s game
A few years ago, I was taking my daughter to school when she taught me a game.
“Mom, when it’s 3:03, I”ll say – ‘Mom, it’s three. ‘ And you say -‘Oh, three?'” And she chortled in glee.

I didn’t get it. So she had to explain it again. How 3:03 when spoken,
is three-oh-three. And we’d play the game at 1:01 , or 5:05 and so on.
And burst into laughter. Even today, someone in our family just has to
say “It’s 6” “Oh, six?” another will say. And we’ll burst into laughter.

a search for meaning
Naturally I found myself seeing these patterns wherever I looked.
Familiar with the 11:11 gate and the 12:12, I wondered what the coding
of these circular numbers represented.

Internet research brought up absolutely nothing.

So after a few months, I asked K’sitew, my Medicine Reiki guide. “It is
the gift of laughter your daughter has given you.” Wow! Why hadn’t I
thought of that! It was a gift I needed then, and as with all gifts,
they occur at multiple levels.

So, I felt I needed to look some more. A couple of years later, after
Ryon joined Gaia and started the 11:11 Progress Group, I asked :”Ryon,
I don’t know what to make of the original post; but from what you’ve
said about alertness to numbers.
Have you been alerted to this pattern that no one so far has told me they have been [I’ve asked in other groups of mine]
1:01; 2:02; 3:03 and so on?”

“I’m asking specifically about 101, 202, & 303?

I see it on digital clocks so 1:01 etc

Like the universe doubling back on itself
Time warps
Or just a delightful pattern?”

And Ryon suggested:”1 and 0’s: means to alter your thoughts

2 and 0’s: A new phase is coming; remember “Divine timing.”

3 and 0’s: Follow Divine guidance and co-create! ”

It didn’t answer the repeating number ; but was probably the seed for
something I felt a few weeks later. That these circular numbers
represent spirals. They’re what we mean when we say – We come back to
the beginning, but it’s never the same. Nothing is constant except
change. Each time we come back, it’s at a higher level. Back to the
beginning – and so on.

b>u>a swami’s call

Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda the amazing being who came down from the
mountains, to us as Eli , had told me some time back to remind every
one to “pray pray pray”. Then recently, he asked Siona to think of a
way to get at least 1000 people to pray for Mother Earth. He explained
why and somehow, all of us began to come up with ideas. I wondered if
it was time to speak more publicly of the pattern that started with the
daughter’s game.

And then a half-forgotten memory came up. In my childhood and youth I
would keep adding all numbers I saw, and reducing them to a single
digit. No one in my family was into numerology or astrology, so this
seemed like a way to pass the time on a bus, for instance.I remember
the absolute wonder when I discovered one day that the number ‘9’ is
like a ‘no number’. And that is its greatest power. It brings no change
to what it is added to. 9+5=14 and 1+4 reduces to 5. Yet, by being
there, it gives a certain power to the 5, an invisible power. It is
self-effacing and powerful in that. I still remember the afternoon when
I discovered this on an old bus taking me from Delhi University back
home. I knew that I would always remember that moment.

a perception of the moment

I felt it’s time. As I wrote to Siona who had said she would meditate
on what Eli had asked of her; the energy of 09and it resonated with
her. When I introduced it in the discussion at Gaia Networking as 9:09
: the Gaia minute, it resonated with Deb.

9:09 : the Gaia minute Each day at 9:09 in the morning or evening, let us spend a moment or more to beam our highest vibration into Gaia, Mother Earth with all sentient and insentient
beings. To raise our vibration, we can pray, meditate, hold intention
or simply visualize Gaia as healed, healing, whole, radiant. When
thousands of people join together in an endeavor such as this, the
energies so generated can bring miraculous changes. When each of us
does it in our own time zone, our Mother Earth and all of us get the
benefit of a round-the-clock healing.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I thought of 9:09 as a time when people won’t be stressed as to whether or not they’re awake or if it’s
morning or evening – most people will be awake and available at this
time. But of course it could as easily be 12 noon as others have
suggested or perhaps 6:06 or another time. The time itself – the number
– is a reminder, a cue; a symbol for codes buried deep within us. The
timing [moment] is also a cue to start something; much of the prayer
will be internal, and will keep flowing.

a director’s vision…

And Siona, Director of Gaia Community, gave it wings. Participate in the Gaia Minute
As we sign on for the weekly meditations, trusting in the organic
growth of a seed that was planted here, a new sense of anticipation is
in the air.

Nicole is spreading the word around Gaia.

a community comes together

Where does something begin? Where does it end? In the unending spirals
represented by 1:01 2:02 3:03 4:04 5:05 6:06 7:07 8:08 9:09 that I see
every day, there are still hidden wonders waiting to come to light.

And Gaia laughs gently


Source of image- unknown, but deeply appreciated. If you are the
artist, please contact me so I can place your name on the image.

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From Gaia Community Vision group:

Meenakshi said about 1 hour ago:[Sept 15 7:06 am]

Our dearest Eli, Swamiji, has asked me to convey that Kolkatta is in the grip of severe power cuts. His message:

“”Please let everyone know (and you could quote my mail if that is the
right way to do it) that I am deeply moved and I feel whatever is
evolving is THE RIGHT EVOLUTION, and is guided by DIVINE WILL..

We have a long way to go, but it is an auspicious beginning already .
Just observe how Divine will works. The number 9 was predestined to
appear though it looks like WE decided on 9. The number 9 is the most
humanitarian of all numbers. Humanitarian, warm, responsive,
compassionate, self sacrificing, universalist philosophy, community
orientation etc are it’s typical characteristics.

9:09 – please tell, everybody that 9 minutes of prayer time is indicated by the divine choice.

My response is YES to your and Siona’s post.”

[Orig. Posted in The Gaia Community website on Sep 14th, 2009]

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