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October 27, 2011

Body of molten metal
Essence of light

Strong as steel
Soft as silk

Unmoving pillar
Flowing energy

Reaching out
Yielding to a touch

Merging being one

Do you remember?
Golden Light ~ Remember

Do you Realize that Everything you Aim for Matters?

Do you Realize that Everything you really Ask for Materializes?

Finding out what we are dreaming can sometimes be the most courageous action we take.
A New American Dream

In your heart you feel that you are here because of something that happened in the past. That you act today in the anticipation of being alive – or not alive – tomorrow.
How do you reconcile this with the exhortation from many teachers today, to live in the Now? To let go of the past? to live in the present and not the future?

How bring meaning into the present without acknowledging the past and honoring the future?
To know the Now is to be expanded into a space and time where what we call the present, past and future are all here right now

Living in the Now does not mean that we need to pretend that nothing happened ‘yesterday’ or that I am not thinking about ‘tomorrow’

Being in the Now means that is all that we do. What we did ‘yesterday’ we did in the Now, what we are planning for ‘tomorrow’ is being planned in the Now for the Now.

There is no effort required to be in the Now.
Now is all there is. We are already there, already here, always.

What we could do, is to know this. To know the Now, we see from the Now

Healing F☄cus for Today 治療

What is Gaia dreaming into being?

Loving Light

Stillness to Samadhi

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