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From the Epicenter of an Earthquake

September 19, 2011

From the epicenter of an earthquake in Sikkim in northern India,the tremors moved swiftly, crossing national boundaries, to neighboring Nepal. Buildings and roads planned by engineers and built by laborers come crashing down. Human beings, animals, insects, plants seeded in love are crushed, injured, or die, some known others unknown, some mourned, others not.

There is no time for mourning as people scurry about, sending news out into cyberspace, sending help on the ground, helping, aiding, or lost.

The earth quakes.

As swiftly as the tremors reach distant Kolkatta, reach the waves of healing light from those joining in sending healing. When nothing physical can be done, there is something that can still be done. We can sit in silence, accessing the stillness where it is seen that healing energy was present even before the earth quaked. The Mother Earth is not alone, is not forsaken. She is in the care of Gaia, a consciousness pervading all her sentient and insentient beings, all her elements, all her spaces, hidden and apparent.

As the tremors subside, the shock waves sent in the other dimensions do not die down. There are the fervent prayers, well crafted intentions, well meaning condolences, doubts about what should be done, guilt about not doing enough, apprehension about where the earth will quake next.

Within all this, is the calm centering of a Gaia Minute. Two years ago, Swami Shraddhananda came with his message: Pray,pray,pray. Gaia is calling. The prayer he described was so calm, so gentle, so peaceful, so immediate and yet so freeing, that it caused its own upheaval. Deep resonance, freedom, recognition, love, acceptance, wonder, relief, joy, and its shadows of doubt, fear, resentment.

The prayer that I am suggesting is, pray for nothing. Pray just for the sake of praying. And there is not even an intention… there’s nothing.

There’s just you and the universe. There’s just being. Just expanding. Just giving…

The closest I can tell you is that of mother feeding breast milk to a baby. That’s giving. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, not even an intention.

That is the highest level of prayer. At that level you loose words, you don’t even have words. Y

ou don’t really have words at that point … you just sort of overflow from inside. And that goes out and creates the vibration.

What we need is that kind of prayer together. A huge number of people. That’s the movement.

~Swami Shraddhananda

How difficult it seems to send healing and yet ask for nothing, not even to have an intention ….yet is it the restless mind seeking action or the consciousness connected to all of Gaia?
If you step back, what intentions do you see playing out?
There are people physically in the zone of the earthquake, physically feeling its effects and helping or being helped
There are people physically further away who are sending aid or organizing ways to do so
There are people empathizing, imagining, feeling as those on-the-ground are feeling
There are others sending healing light in the etheric

Each does what can be done.

When we ask, is there anything more to be asked except the re-balancing that is taking place?

When we set an intention, can any intention be more needed than the healing connection of the world?

When we send healing, is it not awareness of  universal light already flowing?

What we are doing, is what we feel the need to do, to calm the restless mind.

In the stillness of a Gaia Minute, it all comes back to the epicenter.

Consciousness expands into a single point.

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  1. shanmugananda permalink
    September 19, 2011 11:21 am

    The news is so horrible, I am unable to believe this.

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