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Oof! Forgot that thought

August 7, 2011

It happens to many of us and we call ourselves forgetful.

What is forgotten is not the thought but the place where thoughts come from.

Let’s backtrack a little. You are in the shower,  or a walk or reading a book or cooking or driving  and have an inspiring idea, an unusual thought. ‘I must write this down’, you say to yourself.

But when you sit down to write it, it’s forgotten. ‘I’ve forgotten it,‘ you think. If you’re motivated, you might go back to the place where you had the thought, trying to recreate what you had done. It works. You remember the thought. Relief! Or it doesn’t work. The thought has gone.

You think,”I’m really getting forgetful. Old age.”

Both sentences are true, but only partially so. They actually hide the actual forgetfulness of another truth. The thought did not arise from ‘my’ brain, but from ‘the’ brain, or rather, it was picked by ‘my brain’ from a river of thought that flows through the fourth dimension. From this river, we pick a pebble, see the idea, adopt it, throw it back or share it with others.

Something about that thought attaches to that physical place and time, and if you lose it, you can go back and retrieve it. It is a physical hologram of what happens in the labyrinths of mind. You can go back and retrieve memories stored in your brain, by trying to recollect, or you can go to the physical place where events or thoughts arose.

There is another way. You can access the river of memory that flows through and if the time and place work out, the river will yield memories you did not even know you had.

These thoughts came from that river. Examine them or not, then toss them back. They’ll keep.

Or someone else will pick them up. That happens so often, have you noticed? You have a bright idea, and then you see someone else has it too. Or you wake up with a word, and with the tremendous reach of the world wide web’s social networking site, you find that at least one other person, but probably more, has that thought too.

I look for an image, knowing that I will find someone else who accessed these thoughts, and I am not disappointed. Here it is!

Image gratefully taken from

©2011 Meenakshi Suri Notes for The Genie Reveals. All rights reserved

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  1. August 8, 2011 4:24 am

    unable to comment for a long time as the words appear in tiny fonts in the black back ground, so unable to read them fully. kindly excuse me.

    • August 12, 2011 3:56 pm

      Thank you for letting me know, Sanmugan. I’ve changed the theme. I always feel your support whether or not you comment. Deep bows

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