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Everything you see is Gaia

July 27, 2011


Invite your expanded awareness into this space, your inner guidance, your highest inspirations, guides, angels.Breathe in this presence. Breathe out this presence. Take this breath into every fiber of your being. Every cell breathes. Gently. Fully.

Tenzin Norbu_Buddha Earth

Tenzin Norbu_Buddha Earth

Take it even deeper into your DNA. The multitude of universes within you.We are floating among the stars, as pure awareness. One, with Gaia consciousness. We see a planet of potentiality and are irresistibly drawn towards it.And then we are on earth.
Where are you?….We are in a circle, and friends are entering, and joining us. Greet those on your left and on your right. Greet those in front of you, eyes brimming in loving compassion.

As you soften your gaze, you see that we are pillars of light, surrounded by gentle darkness and glowing eyes. Our animal brothers have joined us.

Our hearts begin to expand as the circle expands.

Mario Duguay -  Messenger of Light

Mario Duguay – Messenger of Light

Unconditional love flows.
Love Within
Love In between us
Love Among us
Love surrounds us.

The sacred fire like the sun , glows gently in the center, as Mother Earth begins to rise. We see her half glistening, half dark in the play of sunlight and movement. We see a sudden glint and we know that our crystal allies have joined us. They are ready to reveal the memories stored within them, given to their care by teachers of the past, those ascended beings that have walked on earth.

Breathing gently, be still and receive a message meant just for you……

Our arms rise to our waist, palms facing the earth, and loving light begins to flow towards her.

There are ripples of joy as hearts that were closed begin to open; those that were open, begin to glow.

Where do you feel light flowing?……..

Earth enfolds us in her giant embrace
And we are Gaia

Mother EarthGaia, I am

Mother Earth, thank you for allowing us to walk on you.

As we walk, our feet sink in soft sand, brace against hard rock, freeze on the ice, refresh on her grassy breast. We are running and dancing and leaping in joy and the wind begins to play with our hair.

Smell that fragrance……

There is moisture in the air and then it rains. And we continue to dance, jumping into puddles, abandoning ourselves to the elements.

You come to a river.

Do you sit by its side? Do you swim in it? Do you wade into it?

See yourself and how you relate to the river…….

Where are your companions?

Become aware once again, of the loving connection with all, who are your companions – animal, human, crystal and with earth mother.


Mother Earth
In your core, your mantle, your undulating surfaces
Suffusing ether, your spacious skies and inner spaces
You are adversary, mother, friend, muse, lover
A host gracious or wrathful
Grounding us
as you hurtle in outer space
Bearing the brunt of meteors
Basking in the glow of sun and stars
Carrying with you the faithful moon
And all my brothers and sisters
I am in you and you are in me
We are Gaia

deusa gaia, mãe terra e de todos nós

Breathe in connection
Breathe out love

Breathe in love
Breathe out connection.

Breathe in loving connection
Breathe out loving connection

Affirm to yourself – Today, I will bring a Gaia awareness into my activities.

Gently begin to bring your focus back into your physical body.
Listen to the sounds of your breathing, of your body.
Smell the space in which you are sitting.
Wiggle your fingers and toes,. S-T-R-E-T-C-H! …and when you are ready, open your eyes. That awareness wakes up in every cell of your body.

Look around you. Everything you see, is Gaia.

Meditation for the Gaia Minute Call
© 2011 Meenakshi Suri

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