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The journey of overflowing

July 17, 2011


look at the ocean in front of you

look at the ocean around you

deep in the heart of the ocean is a memory

this is a memory of fresh water that flows into it

it is a remembrance and it is an experience as rivers flow into the ocean everyday

today we will go on a journey of a river from the unmovable to the ever flowing

as you listen to the words use them as the surf waves of the ocean – not to be hung on to,but to be let go.allow yourself to go in the depth of your own experience. knowing that the voice can always bring you back.

much as the river that stats from a mountain goes back to it

the mountain stands unmoving yet it grows

on it is a glacier

the ice is hard

it seems unyielding

and yet from below it, there is the drip.

dripping little drops of water a stream comes to life

it is a mountain stream and it starts to gush down

tumbling over the stones which fell from the mt

its deafening roar like the music of harmony in that still mountain air

the water gushes over the stones tumbling them.  the stones play back

and water drops shine in the sunlight


some of the drops merge into the sun as water vapor

the stream continues down

till it merges with another mountain stream in a tumultuous embrace

green waters merging with grey

yin and yang

seeming separate till they begin to merge into each other

becoming a r no longer a mountain stream

the water begins to nourish the earth around it

as the river moves slowly.

sometimes the water overflows and the ground and the earth become fertile

the r continues to flow till it comes to a wide plain

meandering, it kisses the earth


and suddenly there is a loud roar of the ocean

and the river begins to send out fingers to reach it as soon as it can

fresh water falls into the salty water of the ocean

this is a gentle flow

because the memory of the ocean has come back with the flow of the river

as fresh water merges into salty the sun begins its cycle

vaporizing the ocean

falling as rain

falling as ice







and yet within this cycle seemingly fixed there are many possibilities

actions of wind


human beings, animals …climate,  the elements –  all of this can change the course of a river

there is nothing unmovable there is nothing fixed and yet the cycle continues


as we enter the silence together there will be short tones caused by the wind or human hands, the cry of birds, and then we will come back.

let us begin silence together.


~The Gaia Minute Call on July 11,2011

[Deep thanks to KES who provided the image and the title]

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