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Labyrinth of light ~ letting go

July 17, 2011

“Not by any traveling is the world’s end reached. Verily I declare to you that within this fathom-long body with its perception and its mind lies the world, its arising and its ceasing and the way that leads to its cessation.” – Gautam Buddha

Are you prepared to take a chakkar – a stroll?  We are going to take a chakkar through our chakras. As they whirl and open up, our chakras form a labyrinth of light. Taking our own light with us, of our guides, loved ones, inner strength – we are confident that as we go in, so can we come out.

We will do this over the coming seven weeks, one chakra at a time.

Taking mindful breaths, we are going to walk the labyrinth…and then, like Theseus  with his ball of string  given by Ariadne , reach the center, and come out.


Focus and Perspective~ the labyrinth of light

A chakkar [stroll] through the chakras

by Meenakshi Suri, 2005


Chakras- wheels of universal energy stored in our body. Bringing into the dense matter of our physical body, the subtle light [prana, chi, ki, orgone] of the universe.

Chakras need to be clear, energized and balanced with each other in a way that helps us to fulfill our purpose. As we work towards this, our life purpose can be revealed to us in greater clarity.

They are the seven rooms of our energy home; studied by sages of many traditions.

Though they are often shown  in rainbow colors; there are many levels of color in each chakra. Something to meditate about.

Yea I tell you truly, the paths are seven through the infinite garden, and each must be traversed by the body, the heart and the mind as one. The Essene Book of Jesus

When all chakras are fully open, energized and balance, ego ceases to exist. We will probably not be here in this form. Therefore, as we go through life, fulfilling some aspect of our life purpose, some chakras will be partially open, some need to be energized before others, and like a musical instrument, different notes need to play at different times, and with different volume.

Working with chakras is the path to healing: to wholeness. Our entire energy field is benefited: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, physiological, spiritual.

Take a moment to ground and center yourself, with three balancing light breaths.

I breathe in light from the heart of the universe, and breathe out judgment

I breathe in light from the love of the universe, and breathe out aloneness

I breathe in light from the soul of the universe, and breathe out light

There are no chakras more important than others. None higher than others in importance and closeness to the divine. The crown chakra is at the top of the head but it exists only because of the root chakra. So, without judgment, and with anticipation and excitement, we embark on a journey to light, through light, from light…. day…today…each moment..any time…all the time….light transforms into matter; and matter is continuously journeying back to light. This forms a labyrinth of light.


You are a luminous filament of light, transported in a beam of celestial light to earth. In the prism of the earth’s atmosphere, you begin to shine forth in colors of many hues, all blending into each other.


As the colors swirl around, they form into a spiral, swirling, until they find their way deep into the core of the earth’s aura.


Like you, many other filaments come down and make the same linkages. You are all linked at a core level, transcending even these colors of the rainbow.


Each spiral becomes an individual being on earth. As an individual, you are a connection of light between earth and the universe. You are a dancing spiral of rainbow colors, inextricably linked with earth and sky; as they play out this dance of separation, and of physical manifestation.


You find several galaxies of color and energy swirling within the spiral, the chakras, energy centers that begin to dance faster and faster, till light miraculously turns to DNA, and finally, matter.


You are light of the universe becoming dense skin, bones, tissues, organs: a recognizable human being. The energy centers, the chakras, swirl, unseen by bodily eyes, but sensed by the finer senses that have not left you.


As a light traveler, you find yourself in many dimensions, taking a chakkar [stroll] through your chakras. You are here to give up a limitation from each chakra, and to leave behind an affirmation at each. You are journeying to healing: to becoming whole.



Close your eyes, and go inward as you take a deep centering breath. Breathe in light, breath out long till all breath leaves your body; and then tuck in your stomach to expel the remaining breath.

You find yourself entering a vast chamber of the solar plexus chakra, also called the navel chakra or solar chakra. In Sanskrit, its name is the the manipura chakra or nabhi.

You have reached the birthplace of ego. The “I vs.You” that develops in a baby as you grew and came in contact with an environment that did not always support you. Ego helps us to do our work on earth, communicate with each other, form relationships, and use our energy to act.  It also serves to distance us from people, and to give us our own personal space. The spiritual challenge is to use the ego and not be used by it.

At this chakra there is a balance of the opposing forces in human beings:  yin -yang, ida -pingala nadis, and passive-aggressive forces. This happens only in one other chakra: the Vishhudh.

These are the issues that you find yourself clearing:


You came on earth to fulfill a purpose. Have you found your purpose?

What are your goals? Are you on the path to your goals?

Do you feel paralyzed to act?

Do others’ viewpoint of you disturb you?

Can you have close relationships – especially with your parents and children –  where you neither dominate nor are dominated?

Can you eat to live, in a healthy, mindful way? If not, begin to bless your food with mantra, prayer or light before eating.

Do you have abdominal problems?

Do you find yourself having obsessive or compulsive behaviors?

You can come back to clear and balance these issues often, by using the color yellow in gemstones, do clearing exercises, and use lavender, chamomile, lemon, bergamot or anise aroma oils or teas.

At the center of this solar chakra, is the fire of human will, creativity and action.

Breathe in light, and breathe out shame to be transformed into light in the fire

Breathe in light, and breathe out hesitation to be transformed into light in the fire

Breathe in light, and breathe out self-doubt to be transformed into light in the fire

What colors do you see? What crystals? What shapes? What patterns? There is music – what note do you hear? What sound? There is a fragrance. What do you smell?

Put your palms together, just below your navel, and chant the sound of the manipura / solar plexus chakra: Rum.  Your thumbs are crossed over each other, and the tips of the fingers point away from the body. This mudra opens the chakra.

The musical note is E.

As you leave the solar plexus, place behind an affirmation.

I AM the force of will that drives ego to action to fulfill the universal purpose.

You have entered a labyrinth-like spiral, and you can go back at any time you like. There are no false turns, and only one goal. Any path that does not lead there is blocked. You can be calm and relaxed as you go in with your filament of light unwinding to remind you how you can come back; and lighting the path you take.

 Over the coming weeks, we will visit and clear each chakra. And then, we can balance them.


Image courtesy

3.36-37 They say that the power of the senses is great.  But greater than the senses is the mind.  Greater than the mind is Buddhi, intellect; and greater than intellect is he – the spirit in man and in all.” Sri Krishna

Over the coming weeks, be aware of your actions and relationships, which emerge from the solar-plexus chakra. Take actions with action, meditation, sound, crystals, color or fragrance to keep it clear and balanced.

You can choose to stay in the labyrinth of light; or if you like, use your will to come out and visit it whenever you like.


As we take the chakkar together,


In loving light

Meenakshi Suri



Additional information :

THE MASTER COURSE of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Labyrinths : Ancient Myths and Modern Uses, Sig Lonegren

©September 2005-2011 Meenakshi Suri. All rights reserved. This material may not be copied or transmitted without written permission of the copyright holder. To forward this, please take permission in writing.


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