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The hidden eclipse

June 28, 2011

The sun is huge, but even a thumb can hide it from view. Was it Charles Dickens who wrote this? In the dim recesses of memory, this quote resides. Eclipsed. Perhaps by memories, imagination. or moulded by aging brain cells.

Our little moon, small by standards of earth and sun, will play its regular game as June turns to July. It will eclipse the sun. But not for long, and not visibly from everywhere. Only the isolated remoteness of Antarctica will witness this eclipse.

Yet the workings of moon, earth, sun, all much huger than a human brain, are not hidden from the knowing of astrologers, astronomers, scientists.

It is said that in days barely eclipsed by the treading of time, kings often walked as commoners to uncover the hidden desires and troubles of their populace. It is said that often, gods descended to earth as human or animal to bring about a transformation of energy.

Sometimes in an online setting, people reveal their inner nature, their true calling, in ways that they would not show to those outside. And others eclipse their resplendence, in order not to blind those they encounter. Are these eclipses hidden from us or can our knowing, intuition or humility reveal the true nature of those we encounter?

It is said that all of us on earth, are angelic or star beings. All have the same true light of the divine, eclipsed by the denseness of the egoic dimension. Can an attitude of namaste reveal that light in self and others?

Long before neutrinos were discovered, they were postulated. By a scientist. His knowledge showed him that they had to exist. Or was it his intuition, an inner knowing that he was able to explain in scientific terms?

Often, an outright lie is spoken, in order to hide not something that is light, but something that is dark. But a lie can never fully hide the truth. Not from those using intuition. They might investigate to reveal or with compassionate gaze,  find why the lie was spoken, and what truths were thus revealed.

Earth, whom many call Mother, has fashioned an atmosphere that allows the sun to give life where it would otherwise have burned. When gazing at the sun can blind us, eclipses reveal more than an open eye can uncover.

What is hidden from our senses can still remarkably affect our behavior. We have known that as we look into the dim recesses of childhood on earth, when the beings who take birth on earth first eclipse their true nature. The adults in the child’s life, star-like beings, powerful beyond measure, affect the child’s life in ways not even they can know.

How open are we to the revelations of eclipses? To the teachings of a hidden eclipse?

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