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I dream of Gaia~ all my relations

June 21, 2011

All my relations. I saw them in my dream. How real it was. Even in the dream, my mom was a little forgetful, my dad had passed on.The people I saw were those I know, the age they are now, the clothes they’d wear, their mannerisms. So real.

Yet how unreal. All were in the same house, one I’ve never seen before. The boundary between house and grounds was flexible, and I realize now, that it was almost porous. One moment I was outdoors, seeing that snake thankfully slither away from me and the next…

But I get ahead of the dream.

Everything that happened, sticks in my mind, but some moments are magical.

Lying outdoors, with dreamlike weirdness – an ox, a sheep, and some kids around me. A rat-like creature that I half-humorously recoiled from, and then – that vision of a blanket of stars overhead. More stars than sky. Shooting stars and I remember wondering if it was the season for any of the named meteor showers. I tried to wish upon them, but they had disappeared. Real, again. Never knowing what to wish for!

Seeing a snake, thin, black, almost like a rattler, coiled between the legs of an unconcerned buffalo, that thankfully slithered away and not toward us. The gods were kind in the dream, and my fears still present.

Shall I tell everyone gathered here, about The Gaia Minute? I wondered and hesitated. I decided to ask an elder cousin, but then changed my mind and spoke loudly to get everyone’s attention.

Every day, if each of us can set aside one regular time, and just pause and think of everyone and everything on earth, in silent gratitude, just for a few minutes, it would be so wonderful. …

There was silence, not unfriendly, not pregnant, almost as if I was telling them something they already knew. On a narrow balcony, the kids held on to their squiggling little sibling, who was intent on climbing the ledge dangerously perched yards above the rough ground below. Be careful, I said, he may slip away when you are deep into meditation.

I looked away for a moment.

When I looked back, the other dreamlike sight.

They were all standing, hundreds of them, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, tall, long, thin, small – and they were swaying. This way and then that.  An earthly glow framed them into silhouettes, as the line wound its way around the house, where the animals were.

It was a Gaia Minute.

With all my relations.

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  1. June 22, 2011 6:36 am

    Bows to Gaia Minute


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