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Finding stillness amidst chaos~the hub of the wheel

May 29, 2011

When we hear of a natural disaster, can we see the love of Gaia  at work as clearly as when something wonderful happens? The natural disasters make news, and now through social media, so do the global healings and prayers and actions that accompany them.
While I outwardly participate in what is possible, it is also important to be aware that inwardly, there is that stillness, that silence, that place of peace where all is well. We don’t need outward silence to be inwardly silent. The challenge is to find the stillness and silence in the midst of chaos.

Actually, I have found that the closer I am to a ‘disaster’, the closer I am to the source of stillness, that central hub of the wheel that can reach out to all the outer spokes, stay centered while all actions are taken.

Knowing this, when I am physically or emotionally distant from a disaster, I need to access this understanding, that the healing energies are all close to the source, and all I need to do, is to stay as clear as possible so that what goes out from me reflects that healing;  honoring the suffering but not enhancing it.

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