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What comes first? Light or need of light?

May 28, 2011
What comes first? Light or need of light?
Blessed are the ones who can sense where light is needed; who can see where healing is called for; who can feel where light is flowing and join in; who can call out for light; who are in awareness of the cycles of light.

What comes first? Light for healing, or the necessity for it? I’ll never forget when, a long time ago, a mystic was reading my aura and saw healing light present there. She said, it had come to help me for problems that would soon reveal in my life.

Even before the loss, something is found; even before the question, is the answer. But as we are working at the dense material level, we bring it in and wake up to it only when we are aware of the loss.

That is the blessing of loss – it brings us together; gives us a glimpse of light; a feeling of light; a reason to pull ourselves out of density into lighter realms where we can see what is actually happening.

How blessed each of us feels when we come together in this way. It doesn’t even matter who said or felt what; it’s that all together, we were able to experience so many different dimensions. To feel the reality of co-creating; or inter-connectedness; of the heart-mind.

Any time we feel lost; we can help ourselves to be found again. That’s the power of light!

[originally posted in The Power of Light group on Gaia community May 8, 2009, 12:01 AM]

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