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Horses galloping into stillness

May 28, 2011

Wild horses arose
Are you joining the circle?
step into stillness

Five horses running free, wild, manes flying, hoofs pounding the wild grasses as they gallop past.
Run with the horses,natural, free, wild.
One with the wind

Reign in the horses, with the power of your thought. Send a thought of love to each of the horses. They begin to come together, galloping as a team.
Their pace slows down.
Smell the fragrance of the breeze.

You move in harmony with the horses.
They neigh softly.
The breeze sings a harmony of sound.

Within the movement is stillness
Within harmony is stillness
Within stillness all is silent

Stillness moves
Senses become still
Wind ripples


Allow thoughts to flow
Step on to your chariot
Horses move as one

~Stepping into Stillness May 28 2011

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  1. May 29, 2011 2:21 am


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