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breath and life

May 13, 2011

breath and life
a game of each moment
take birth, breathe, you live
stop breathing, you die

life moves on a swift flowing current
from one breath to the next
poised to depart unseen
between in-breath and out-breath

in that infinite infinitesimal moment
between anulom and vilom
the choice of soul is sought and received
to breathe again or let it go

breath and life
a game seemingly finite
a play infinite

life and breath
bringing universal energy into the created world
breathing out into space
breathing in from the stars

life moving into breath
seemingly through nostrils
breath moving through life
with no perceptible motion

now i wonder
does breath give life?
or does life give breath?

Is breath so we may live
Or life so the universe may breathe?

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  1. May 13, 2011 8:01 am

    Saints say, every moment we breath in we are born and every moment the breath goes out we are dying. so we dying and born again every breath.Like this presentation.

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