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Entering silence

February 17, 2011

≡here is a sacred space of stillness

that we call silence

it is a seed that’s spacious

potent, vibrant, alive

within it are swirls of seamless wonder


how do i approach the silence

with a sense of deep stillness

how do i leave the silence

with a sense of great wonder


and so there is movement within and without

in the still waters of the heart

a ray of the february full moon forms a ripple

there are sessions for the Gaia Minute to host, participate

there are preparations, learning, communication, invitations


moving out from stillness

moving into silence



Preparing for sessions in silence:
Be prepared in your physical space because that grounds us
Expect the unexpected in physical and virtual space because that readies us
Know that all happens as is meant to, because that steadies us
Be in heart because that moves us into stillness
…from where we can move into a sacred silence space of stillness on this full moon

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  1. Barbara Rodgers permalink
    February 21, 2011 10:00 am

    “swirls of seamless wonder”
    I love those words, that phrase, Meenakshi….

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