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Meditate on water

January 15, 2011

[This can be done as you do qigong, taichi, free movement or another flowing exercise]


Feel yourself connected to the crystal at the heart of Mother Earth; and your branches or antennae expanded into the universe. You are breathing through the central pillar that runs down your spinal column.

Imagine liquid light coming through the light of stars, flowing in through the crown, energizing, bringing in light, love, clarity.

The liquid light flows into every crevice in the body, every meridian, tissue, into the DNA, flowing continuously. It is purity, it is strength, it is life.

Allow it to keep flowing in and through, going into Earth’s crystal.

Visualize the waters of the earth; of the human body; crystals; sunlight glinting on water.See the liquid light linking giving birth to all that is on earth, living and nonliving; stones, flora, fauna, humans. Feel the connection with all who are related to you. See the streams of love flowing through the liquid light.

Be in your experience; and when you are ready, slowly come into the present moment; and ground yourself by sipping a glass of water.

Be prepared for emotional clearing, by intending a bubble of blue light around you to absorb the emotions and not let them influence your relationships.

Take whatever resonates, and let the rest flow away with water…

Img © Healing the Waters of the Earth by Barbara Evans


Water….flow.Emotion: emovere…to move…to motivate

Water and emotion are intertwined; two aspects of life that may well be unique to Gaia.

They say the angelic kingdom does not know emotion–only humans have the range and depth of emotion, developing as we grow.

Flow, steaming, boiling, vaporizing, freezing –all words that can define emotions as well as water.

As Dr Emoto has shown us, water is influenced by emotions.

Emotion is perhaps a subtler manifestation of water.
Both are primeval forces, not easily controlled. The flows of both, shape Gaia.

As we heal the waters of Gaia, we heal the emotions that link us all.

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  1. shanmugananda permalink
    January 16, 2011 7:34 am

    Water reserves immense power within it. there are several examples like tsunami, floods, oceans, etc. we take it so simple because we use it more often for several purposes. We can starve without food for a limited time but no one can survive without water. we must honor it , worship it but not waste it.

    • January 16, 2011 11:17 pm

      You’ve made two very important points, Sanmugan: about the power of water outside us, and its crucial role in our physical life.
      It’s expanding my thought towards the power of water within us as well, and how it affects our different energy fields

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