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Heart-to-Heart connection: Meditation for The Gaia Minute

January 3, 2011

When we decide to meditate in a group, the stated intention helps us to get aware that the meditation space is becoming prepared. It is a sacred space, formed with blessings and songs of ascended beings co-creating with our human selves.

I love hearing the people I’ve met online, in a meditative space. The laughter, chatter, sharing before, and the deep heart silence during the meditation.

It surprised me when I first began to guide meditations, that even when I am talking, and not silent, there is such a sense of expansion, the palpable sense of stillness, and I can flow the heavens, but the speaking keeps me grounded! It’s because, as came through me today:

What’s speaking to us is the heart of Gaia. Each of us has felt that heart, we are that heart, and we speak to it.
Let’s settle down in the places wherever we are. Whether we’re walking or sitting..
In the wonder of breath, begin to breathe from the earth.
A deep breath in, from the heart of Mother Earth.A long breath out, into the universe. The moon, the sun, the of stars
Today is a very special day because we’re on eve of the new moon. We’re also just a few hours away from a partial solar eclipse, when the moon will come between the earth and sun.This is a time of inward movement, of understanding everything about ourselves. Our light and shadow. Both light and darkness are in the heart of Mother Earth. Each of them has a beauty which we just have to look into.
Take another deep breath in,from the earth and the stars, and along breath out, connecting to earth, moon, sun,stars
The third breath – deep breath in,from heart. A long breath, breathing light and love into the heart.
As you continue to breathe from your heart, see the doors begin to open.In floats a beautiful soul. Resplendent, shining, pure. Your eyes connect. Your heart leaps. Your eyes may tear up. You’re face to face with yourself. Connect with heart to the wonder of your whole self.Begin to breathe together.
The portals of your heart begin to open even wider. See the ascended ones, angels, devas, beings of pure light. They’re always around you, and they’re entering your heart. Breathe in light from their heart to yours.The light pours into each cell of your body, and you feel your heart leaping from your toes, ankes, legs, hips, abdomen, chest, throat, neck, face, head.Settling into your space, you feel your arms open, your heart open, your energy open.
Exalted ones you have met in your earthly life, the ones living and who have passed on, come into this space. Sages, guides, gurus, spiritual mentors, inspiring teachers, Breathe in the blessings from their heart to yours.
Ancestors begin to gather in this space. Grandparents, great-grandparents, Elders. You feel a warm embrace. It holds you close. You feel carefree, like a child.
All the people whom you love, begin to enter into the space of your loving heart. Mother. Father. Brothers. Sisters. Children. Friends. Strangers whom you have never met. You feel a heart connection with them all. See them, Know them. Greet them.
We’re all sitting in a circle, in that beautiful place. Look around you. What do you sense with each of your senses? What can you touch? Hear? See? Smell? How do you feel inside, in that deepest heart?
In the center of the circle is a sacred fire. It arises from the molten core of the earth, hear ever-living heart. Around it is a ring of water. You see dolphins, whales, the creatures of the deep- primeval, intelligent, living, connected.
Look up and see the eagle circling overhead, hawk, condor, the birds beginning to gather. Hummingbirds, cardinals, blue jays. Call in all the animals and the birds who are in your life. On the outskirts of the circle, is a forest, rich in life. The wild ones wait there. Fox, bear…which animals do you see? What message do you receive?Fragrance fills the air.The breeze begins to reverberate with a beautiful song of harmony.we are in the now.
we are connected in heart.
we are in the timeless zone.all our words, our talk, our walk, our paths, our musings, our inspirations,have brought us to this place.

in silence is the message heard
far clearer than the spoken word
heart to heart together resoundingbreathe in, breathe out
Gaia is breathing.
Every day when I connect to you, Gaia, I am aware of all those who sit with me in stillness. Our connection is Gaia.
Slowly wiggle your toes, move your limbs, begin to sway with the energy of the place you are in…and when you’re ready, open your eyes gently, letting the light in, connecting to the inner light that you have connected to in this meditation.
Turn your head around, and carry the energy of this connection.Your heart is expanded, and all Gaia is here.


Cross-posted from The Gaia Minute Initiative

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  1. January 4, 2011 7:19 am

    Thanks you very much.

  2. January 4, 2011 8:19 am

    Beautiful! Thank you for this!

  3. January 13, 2011 2:32 pm

    Love how you do this for the world, Meenakshi.

  4. January 15, 2011 10:12 am

    Thank you dear friends.

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