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Fascinating land of ego-self

November 15, 2010

Many sages and elders have taught this: you are not your small ego-self

Ego is illusion

What is illusionary about ego?

If it’s illusion, why do we all have it?

Ego is the land of the small self

It’s a dimension which the soul visits, something like going into a dark basement, or into a maze where danger, promise or opportunity appear to lurk at every corner

When one is in the maze, all appear in the maze, because the small self can only see the small self of the other.

That’s because the mist of ego settles around us like a shroud. We see it as a cloak. The deeper we venture into this land, the more cloaks we don.

The moment we’re in the maze, we seek a way out, a way back. The best and worse of the small self is thus revealed.

There is always a way out. Look up. Look down. Look in. Look around. Shed those cloaks. You donned them at Your will.

Why does the soul visit this dimension?

Ah, feel all  around. The senses provide the answer.

Go within. Stillness provides the answer.

The answer is all around.

Heaven as a Maze ~ Dale WicksHeaven as a Maze © Dale Wicks ( )


Image found by searching for “Maze heavens.”

Copyright © 2010 Excerpt from The Genie Reveals being written by small self meenakshi suri for NaNoWriMo

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  1. November 15, 2010 8:22 am

    Interesting thoughts for the day….Thank You

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