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The number 9 on 11:11

November 11, 2010

Today is 11:11 – 11th day of the 11th month of the Gregorian calender year, widely used around the human world.

11:11 is a time that many seers call a gateway, a bridge between the manifest world and the world of infinite potentiality. A bridge between human and god. The words are not in themselves important, but the thought is. It can be expressed however each of us can see it.

11:11 is a bridge. An ideal time to send out our peaceful, highest, deepest thoughts into the universe, and to listen.

Come, let’s walk together in this fascinating world of patterns expressed as numbers.


Numbers, specially their patterns fascinate me,  and although at times it has been suggested to me that I study numerology, that has not drawn me. I learn from the patterns, seeking the message they have for that moment.

On long rides home in a bus from university, I would start reducing all the numbers at the backs of seats to  a digit. That is how I discovered the wonder of the number 9. Anything added to it, would reduce to itself. So, once I found a number nine in a series, all I had to do, is keep it aside.

5+9=14; 1+4=5

2+9=11; 1+1-2

87+9. Keep 9 aside. Make the 8 into a 9 by taking 1 from the 7. And you’re left with a 6.

You could do it the long way also.

87+9; 8+7+9=15+9=24;2+4=6

The way I put it to myself was, that the number 9  does not matter: it’s significant, but not materially so. Once 9 shows up, you can just go on as if it did not. Yet, its presence subsumed each pattern, making it easier to simplify. It kept taking all the additional numbers. In the examples above, I did not need to do the intervening steps. Just let them be.   I would keep reducing numbers to 9, laying them aside. Its fluidity became apparent, how its essence seems to underlie patterns.

The number nine makes its presence felt without changing the outcome; gathering all the unnecessary distractions, and allowing us to arrive at the one simple thought.A true master.

Many years later, when some of us were given a message of praying for Mother Earth, the number 9 showed up. It came as a time, a pattern and once again, in a self-effacing way.It came the way a digital pattern would come, as a contemporary message.

9:09 says:

I am a code, a reminder, it said. It doesn’t matter what time you decide to pray for Earth, just that you do it, whenever you have the time. But when you think of 9:09, immediately these messages are contained in the pattern with the  other magical number :0.

Pray for Earth

Pray in surrender of Oneness

Pray everyday

Pray, knowing that others are with you.

It came with a name, The Gaia Minute.

One simple message: Pray for Gaia.

In America, another pattern came up. 9/11 or 11/9 as the rest of the world would write it. Each of us can choose what to see in that pattern. I choose to see 9/11 as a reminder to see the intense connection that all humans have even in this world of duality and matter, and to use the emotions that we have been gifted with, to bridge into our intelligence, our knowing, our being, so that our inner yearning for harmony can be achieved.

What are the patterns in your life?

What messages are you getting?

What meanings are you inscribing to the messages?


More about The Gaia Minute

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