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Every song will go on

September 30, 2010

Every singer on earth will be interrupted

Every song will go on

The chirping of crickets

The dreams of lovers

The promises of a nation

Direction of a leader


Each song left unsung will find a voice

Each tone join the harmony

The night bird’s silent cry, Yearning of lovers

Hopes in a mother’s heart, A father’s sacrifice

Archives in stone,  Promises in the wind


The turning of a cosmos

The  blessings of  sages

Wisdom of mountains

Connection of all beings

Bring loving light into the world


In a world that is lightening

Every song will transmute

Tyrant’s decree~ a whisper of humility

Words of rage ~ a clearing storm

Hopelessness~a flicker in a heart


Every singer on earth is interrupted: Every song goes  on

Each note distinct and clear, the harmony supreme

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  1. September 30, 2010 8:30 am

    This blog post is dedicated to Dada, my father who passed away in April. When people came to meet us or call to condole, they would sometimes say – I meant to call him, or I was about to ask him, or speak to him or invite him…

    And I realized that each time someone dies, a part of us that was related to them, dies too. Words left unspoken, deeds undone. However strong or light, these need to find an outlet even more than a sense of closure.

    By now we all know, I think that no one really dies. Not while there are minds, hearts, souls….and songs.

    Joining every day to send our highest vibration into Gaia

  2. October 1, 2010 12:55 am

    This too a song , will be sung by everyone.

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