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Mother Earth…our love was foretold by the stars

August 8, 2016

So far…..That’s been my feeling about delving into astrology until recently.

[Taking a leaf from my giften daughter’s blog, I invite you to listen to music while you read. Suggestion: Music of the Spheres]

I had no doubt that the stars affect us, for we are not separate from them; what I doubted was that we can know one’s natal chart accurately, given that it depends on clock time in a reality where it may not be accurately recorded.  Neither my family nor my husband’s relied on the traditional Indian way of deciding marriage based on matching birth charts, or getting them read before important events, or even reading daily astrological forecasts.

Once in a while if I read about the astrological sign under which I was born, it didn’t seem to describe me. It seemed to me that people were studying astrology to know the future, and I have no interest in predicting it. Surprising, since I often read the end of books first – but the journey of life – I’d like to savor each moment, and let it surprise me. Or let me surprise it! It’s really ending and beginning with each breath!

Given all this, I wonder why I’m studying astrology nowadays, but I am, and with a brilliant mind, young in years, laden with ancient knowledge, in a small group of three, so our questions get a chance to be answered. Everything’s interesting once you enter its world; and ask the questions in your mind. and finally I also found the astrological answer to the question of Taurus. Money? Possessions? Didn’t suit me. “You give importance to what you value.” said Jonathan. Absolutely – anything on which my parents or children have written, or drawn, anything they’ve made, every scrap of paper in which the names are written – I find difficult to destroy or discard. I value the dining table not because of its intrinsic value, but because it was my parents’, and when I conduct workshops on it, I feel their blessing.

In everyone’s chart, Taurus has a say. And this is what it is saying, according to an astrologer I discovered recently:

It is only because we live in a predominantly confused, wounded, and materialistic world that we think Taurus is mainly about money, possessions, and sensual indulgences. But Taurus is also a powerful symbol for enlightenment, and as we begin to wake up, it becomes more important to see Taurus and the 2nd House as referring to the potential for the truest inner peace, and therefore as well as to the obstacles to this real freedom.~Moses Siregar III

Now where’s Mother Earth in all this? Never f[e]ar – she’s never too far from my writing! Born under the sign of Taurus –  as the Buddha -I feel a deep connection to her, as he did [remember Bhumi-sparsh mudra where he called on the Earth to witness, and she did, at the moment before Enlightenment?].

Taurus is, at least symbolically, co-ruled by the Earth, in addition to its traditional and well-known ruler Venus. The overwhelming spiritual power of the Earth might be overlooked because you can’t find the Earth out there or directly observe its movements over time since you are the Earth and (unless you’re an astronaut) the Earth is always Here and Now. The Earth is closer than most of us think, because our bodies are (unless you’re an astronaut) indivisible pieces of the Earth. And like the enlightened mind, the Earth is eternally present, though often overlooked. The Earth, as the higher-octave ruler of Taurus…~Moses Siregar III

That’s what I’ve been saying…Earth is of the stars…it’s a celestial body hurtling through space, yet it gives us space travelers a feeling of stability, in a way that no other planet that we have yet found, can do.

Mother Earth is witness to all of us. Within her are the remains of our ancestors – buried, burned, or washed in her waters. In her aura is the presence of our descendants. In her elements, minerals, crystals are the records of our life. We touch the Earth everyday. Let every moment we walk on her remind us that like the Buddha and Christ before us, we are touching her and she is witnessing us.

Buddha bhumisparsh ms

Two years ago… the Jade Buddha arrived in Miami. What a blessing to be present at the unveiling. The energy streams from the presence were just unbelievable.
prithvi-sparsh mudra. Calling the earth to witness..

So dear friends,  my request to you all is to take a few minutes everyday, and just connect with Mother Earth, however you can. And astrologically…let’s see what else is written in the stars. If moved to do so, I’ll share. Meanwhile, those three books that have been brewing….need to be edited, and prepared. They’re probably not going to be what you expect, as they’ve certainly surprised me as they were being written!


Sync ~ Buddha’s Wesak Purnima

May 23, 2016

How we spent Saturday….and you?



Yesterday was Full Moon, the Wesak or Buddha Purnima where the Buddha and Ascended beings show their presence in the Vaisakh Valley in the Himalaya mountains. It is a mystical, religious, spiritual…

Source: Sync ~ Buddha’s Wesak Purnima

Tune in…when you need some loving care

May 17, 2016
Featured Image -- 2061

I felt so much love yesterday, that it dripped…. Then today, this emerged.

H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World

Gaia sang today, and every word dripped in love
Gaia rained down, and every raindrop glistened with smile particles
The Hourly Universal Global Hugs – can you feel them? Tune in to the hourly song of Mother Earth and all beings.
We are blessed.

When you’re down and troubled and you need  some loving care
and nothing, nothing is going right.
Just close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
I’ll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there, yeah, yeah,
you’ve got a friend.

~ James Tailor

Any hour, at a regular time every day, pause for a while and tune in to the loving light that spirals around our…

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quiet space within turmoil

April 17, 2016

I was going to write that April is an intense month for me. So many words were tumbling out but a quiet space stopped them.

Somewhere up there, and in here, you are smiling.It was you, Dada, from your heavenly space, and Ma from hers, who quietened the energies jostling about from thought, emotions and action and caused a calm in which I am able to organize my paperwork, feeling as my father must have when he did his; and in the middle of the night as my mother advised to do, if I am unable to sleep. To my family who may worry about my not sleeping – I slept today from 5 pm to 11, after a workshop, and don’t worry – will go back to sleep again after these words have been aired!

Today, many moons ago, on the day when he became a father to my elder sister, my father passed, and quietly, without any fuss, my mother stopped asking for her red bindi to be placed on her forehead. A bittersweet day for my sister, as her birthday is also her father’s day of dying. Even further back in time, when I was perhaps 5 or 6, my great-grandfather, in whose home we were then living, passed away on my birthday, on the last day of this month. My mother was with him, at the hospital in Delhi and we were in Dehradun. I remember how we canceled my birthday party, then felt disappointed, and the intense guilt at my disappointment. For years after that, I did not celebrate my birthday on the day, but rather on this day, my elder sister’s birthday. We shared the day for a joint birthday party. I suddenly remember this as I write! Then the healing, and I could celebrate the day again.

April is a month of birthdays and deaths very close to me- both intense experiences, though for my parents, the latter was peaceful. Birth into this life and then into the after life, perhaps not yet quite ‘home’ because the afterlife, as my younger sister is mapping out for us, is also another set of experiences. For many years, April has been a retreat month for me; I would literally chill out, not doing much beyond some household work and writing. Now, my life is busybusybusy as they say, and it usually keeps me fulfilled and happy. But this month, the pain body rose again, and I wondered why. It came to a head yesterday, when I left the keys in the ignition while getting some manuals bound at Office Depot, for a workshop. I didn’t know I’d done that, so it shows I took wrong decisions, overdoing what turned out to not be required. When I discovered this I had three thoughts in quick succession –  chiding myself for the serious mistake, gratitude for the safety, for here was a car that was still where I left it, safe and sound, nothing stolen. And there was the little voice that asked me to look at the ignition when I had thought I needed to look for the keys in the store where I’d been. I took this as a smile message to relax, let be.
A friend who had come to help, later pointed out that she’d never seen me so shaken as I was yesterday, and I remarked about the strange resurgence of a pain body and my usual April chilling. No wonder, she said, you are at the end of your energy, wound down as it’s the end of a year for you. On May 1st, you’ll be bouncing, full of energy! Thank you for that insight, wonderful Teresita!
To my sister who may worry about my pain body coming up again – it is not old pain, but the one of this year, that came to my attention as it is ready to leave. Praveen is away, tending to his mother and sister, and it is a strain when he isn’t here. It shows up in all the little things that have been happening recently. All this came to a head yesterday. Even more potent is the pain of the world that is in earth-chaos nowadays, as earthquakes are picking up, and strong ones have shaken Myanmar, Philippines, Japan, Guatemala, Ecuador. As we cue deeply into the world, we are not immune from feeling the pain; but nor is the earth immune from feeling our collective emotions. We truly are one – many thoughts in one mind, many feelings in one being, many actions from one body, but above all, that smile that Dada is beaming as my papers are coming to order, that Ma is feeling as I tidy up in India’s daytime, and I feel the Angel is showing as I say Thank You! for keeping that car safe. Now if only I could find that earring that I dropped I know not where.

If you’re still here, thank you for holding space with me.



enlarge the canvas of your life

September 19, 2015

enlarge the canvas of your life. see the activities and events of your daily life against a very wide canvas. For your presence is making a difference in this life. Your actions, feelings, successes and failures are impacting you, and through you, your near and dear ones, and ones who know them, know of them, encounter them.

What impact are you having in this world?

This gives you the perspective of space that brings peace into your life.

Try it now.

What are you painting in this canvas of life?

focus on your perspective. it will transform the moments of your life

Images copyright the artists. Words ©2015 Meenakshi Suri

the inexorable flow of love

September 11, 2015

I’m reading about the refugees, the inexorable rush of people from Syria and other countries realizing that they can leave a situation that is not right for human beings.

I am reading about Syrian children who have no state papers or nationality.
About people ignoring the paralysis of politicians and governments to open their arms, hearts, minds, homes to the refugees.

Something is changing….nationality, citizenship, right to travel. I feel something huge is happening. It is displacing, disturbing, distressing on the surface, but underneath, it is the inexorable flow of love. So much outpouring of love from people who realize it is not just governments who are in charge of this world, but that each person who is human can show their care.

I am deeply moved by each person who shows their faith in the world, and leaves the home that is no longer a refuge to the wider world.~meenakshiღ

child freedom

“How would you like to die?”

June 11, 2015

I was looking through a blog I wrote in 2008, in answer to a Proust Questionnaire game on the now closed Gaia online community.

How would you like to die?
With a smile on my face, I wrote.

How interesting! With the recent transition of my mother, death is again taking center-stage in my life, and recently I was wondering if I could introduce this as a topic in our regular Tuesday circles. It’s interesting also, because it shows me again why Prof. Park Jae Woo’s teachings about  a world where smile holds center stage, for living, healing, meditation, and more, has so resonated with me ever since I encountered them in 2012. Very quickly, it seemed to me that I have always ‘known’ what I was learning. I was staying with my mother for three months, accompanying her as my father had passed two years earlier, and we sisters took turns to be with her. That was a precious time, but also emotional as I was torn- sad at being away from my own daughter, happy to be with my mother – just her and me, rare for a middle child.

I realize that speaking of death disturbs people. “How morbid,” one said, when she heard me and my children in a moment of lightness talk about how they would not know what rites to do when I pass away. “Of course,” said my daughter, “you’re immortal, so we’re just talking,”  and we hugged and laughed. At a recent death of a friend’s mother, she had burst out: “I can’t even imagine what it is like to live without a mother. I would want to die.” I couldn’t understand this, until I am face to face with my mother’s passing.

They co-exist: the feeling that our parents are immortal, for of course we’ve never known life without them, and the fear that they are not. My mother was 91, frail yet courageous, physically dependent on caretakers, yet uncomplaining, gentle, gracious, participating in what her daughters suggested, yet becoming more and more remote. Ebbing. So I thought we were prepared for her passing, even for grieving.

Some weeks before she passed, I found my belly crying, as it had before my father passed. Gut feel is not just a phrase. Two days earlier, I found myself gardening after a long time, and remarked to my husband: Now I know Ma is dying. She used to love gardening, and is making me do this again. It was intense. Shall I go to her? She never felt complete until her children were all with her. Circumstances prevented me; and once I realized I couldn’t go I was at ease, because her youngest was with her.

Prepared? No. Nothing can prepare. Ma passed on a Tuesday, and I held the usual Tuesday circle at my place, since that has a life of its own. A momentum of its own. I had gone to work that day, as usual. At work, people thought I was suppressing my sobs; in my circle, even as they said I had delivered a master class on dying – I have no recollection of the words – the ‘least meditative’ participant empathically burst out, much as the child in the Emperor’s New Clothes – “You have sadness today. You are looking different.”

Can we anticipate how we will respond? It seems strange to be in a world where the mother who gave birth has passed, I wrote. On the fourth day of her passing,  we had a remembrance in the morning calling in to the observance in India  [“the phone is a wonderful invention”, Ma used to say]. At a healing workshop that afternoon I remarked that my mother’s passing is showing me the difference between grief and mourning, bringing to life an unremarked difference between these words. I grieve, but I do not mourn, for she went with such grace and gentleness, blessing my sister who was with her, that we are uplifted as we accompany her onward journey with observances of the Shinnyo-En – the Mahaparinirvana teachings of the Buddha, given just before he passed.

Even that is not the whole story. After the fourteenth day observance, it struck. The sobbing. When I was completely alone, driving home from work, the light of my mother’s passing struck like a clean arrow, cutting through the inspiration, the upliftment, the love and beauty of the timing of her passing – to the well of grief. I sobbed, wanting to die, to merge once again in the mother who had given me life and birth. Sobs racked my body, each cell was in intense pain, and I felt I would never stop crying. I looked upon a whirlpool of unimaginable grieving, unending, infinite, a universe all its own. She was my guru, I realized, my mother. I had always marveled at the one-line teachings she had imparted, at my not being able to accept any other person as guru, at my constant, unsuccessful attempts of trying to be like her, behave like her, my perfect role model. She is my guru. I remembered her painting, and felt her move like the ray of light through my chakras.

I am blessed to have an early painting of my mother – and sorrowful that so many of the ones she presented to relatives in her youth are lost, unremarked by them. In this painting, a ray of light passes from the godly Prince Ramchandra to the simple forest dweller Shabri, who was tasting each berry for sweetness before giving it to the gracious Prince.

Shabari ke ber by Vimal Narain

Shabari ke ber by Vimal Narain

My husband and son surrounded me as I came home, comforting me wordlessly. I did not have to suppress my sobs and gradually that pain in the back of the heart subsided. Ma chose a time to go when her two daughters who have children, were at their children’s side; and her youngest, prepared for the ceremonies after death, close to her heart and soul, had flown across the ocean  to be at her side. Ma blessed her, said the mantra even as she was breathing her last, and gently slipped away. This is  death with smile. As she lived – loving, caring, silently wise, using few but powerful words, she passed.

May I say..? She is passing. She is ascending, visiting us with a lightness of being, laughing, playfully pouring sparkles of light in our Reiki circle, showing us a self that is vast, expansive, even as we sense the vulnerability as she finally meets her mother who departed in her infancy.

My earthly mother, I used to call her, as I was practicing the Gaia Minute wordless merging into Mother Earth. When her earthly remains flowed into the holy river Ganga, my earthly mother and mother earth have merged. She is now ever with me. The first words I wrote after she passed were the truest.

My beloved mother has merged in the eternal smile

They say she is no more. But from this distance, as I experience her, she is now more.

How would I like to die? I would turn that question around.
How would I like to live? With smile, so I may die in smile, merged in the eternal.



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