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That first reaction

May 3, 2017

That first reaction defines where we are not just at a moment in time, but in consciousness. ‘First’ seems redundant as a qualifier for ‘reaction’, but I’m letting it stay as, in a conversation, there are a series of first reactions, which define the direction in which the conversation is going. Upward or downward.

Such thoughts woke me today and I decided to revisit this blog, sorely neglected in favor of shorter posts on Instagram and pages on Facebook.

I was rear-ended yesterday; or rather, the car I was driving, was hit at the back by another car. I was stationary in the rush-hour traffic, but the impact jolted me. As my foot was on the brake, I see that the right side absorbed the force of the jolt and has woken me in the middle of the night! No pain, because of the first reaction of a friend who immediately did moxa, seed and magnet Sujok therapy on me. Just…a remembrance of what might have been.

Another friend’s first reaction, on seeing me receiving the Sujok treatment, was – what happened? I was disturbed that I hadn’t followed the standard procedure in case of an accident, and she counseled me on steps I needed to have taken. Very true. I did not ask for the other person’s insurance number or settle or anything. She was a young girl, like my daughter, and she told me she’d hit her head against the windshield, so I was more concerned for her. Her mother came, focused only on her daughter’s car, and disputed that the accident caused the scratch on my car’s bumper, and I didn’t want to fight her. I was shaken, I realized, and tried to bring her responses to her daughter’s head and my being shaken up, but she didn’t seem concerned about either. But by the time I reached home, I realized that the mother came to protect her daughter; not to do what was right; I had seen it and did nothing about it; and that troubled me.

We continued to a meditation on the Second Ray, which to me exemplifies compassion. In the golden temple I have visited earlier in visions, I was able to come to a closure with the mother. She was protecting her daughter and though in doing so she took away a lesson that could have helped her grow, that is not for me to judge.

I was a little worried – what if our already-strained finances needed to be stretched to repair something that’s happened to the car?  I wondered at the first reaction of my husband- would he worry about the car or about how I was? But I’m at peace now. I realize why I did not ask for anything from her. I can’t take from another what is not given in peace, or willingly.  The universe will provide resources to help me. I could, and did, nudge her to see the whole incident from a place of peace and harmony, but I cannot force her to wake up to this. I feel the incident will jolt her in an unexpected way, and wish no harm. The right side of my body – I will tend to it. For too long, the calls of my life have made me neglect my physical health. That was another insight I received in the meditation: how little thought and tending I have given to myself. Even after the accident – my first thought was about the other, seeking to reassure her, to hope she is well.

On my birthday, a healer friend had gifted me a Feng Shui clearing crystal and suggested I hang it in the car. I had, that very day, and in a flash had wondered – what if someone bumps into me? I was very careful to drive carefully and I know the accident could have been worse. That same morning, while washing dishes, I thought – why is it important to think positively? Because it wastes less resources; it is, for those whose first reaction is to think about money – more economical!

I am so blessed by my Tuesday circle, running for almost five years, and with only 2 breaks for the past two. How lovingly they tended to me, and were glad that I was receiving.  It doesn’t matter if we meet as healer, teacher, or guide. If friendship can dawn, we are in right relationship. As my right side twinges, more insights will come.

I will share what I can. In joy.

Thank you for walking with me.




The wind of compassion

April 6, 2017

In our Tuesday circle, we flowed with the wind, and discovered it in our anahata chakra, gall bladder and liver, our thoughts that can flow as the wind, and refresh us with its amazing openness. It’s spring, it’s the season of compassion and wind. See the connections? Who’d’ve thought?

Source: The wind of compassion

A Call from Gaia

February 2, 2017

~Benefits: a feeling of happiness, love, joy and fulfillment at discharging the purpose you have come to fulfill in this lifetime.

Source: A Call from Gaia

I woke today, with….

January 24, 2017

…a vision of a yin-yang, and a tree growing from it. There’s no up and down in space, but the tree was growing sideways, from my point of view! The visioning world seems to have no time and space either!

Let’s see if I find an artist has already drawn this…



It’s not separate ~ dark and light. The deeper and wider the tree roots in the soft darkness of the nurturing earth, the higher and wider is its canopy, growing into the light.

There are books within me, still in the yin. Actually, they’ve been written, and need to be edited. Perhaps this year, before the retreat Maria and I are planning, in March. I wrote on Facebook:

When we are in apprehension, doubt, worry, there is confusion, a lack of clarity in thought. That’s neither here nor there. That’s the time to focus on our perspective. That book will be out — I intend to work on it. But before that, Gaia is beckoning, and her story needs to be told first.

See, we can move a lot, branch out like a tree, think so many different thoughts. There is a world out there that is vast. Widen your perspective when you are troubled. And there is a vastness in here. An emptiness that is so serene, that nourishes our soul. Dip into it everyday. How ’bout now?

Seeking your blessings.

That peaceful world we dream about is even more vibrant

January 23, 2017

I woke yesterday with a vision of our world as it is in our dreams.Vibrant, peaceful, of a very high order of functioning and being. Spreading out into the galaxy, helping the birth and development of new planets.
Much as many Star Elders are doing for ours.
It is real, dear friends. Our real work is waiting for us. To grow up as human beings. To unfold into who we really are.

This vision is also for that aspect of us that confuses innocence with naivete, peacefulness with ignorance of reality, and happiness with ‘living in a ‘la-la land’

We return to innocence when we have released memories of horror and pain, and dedicated to live a life of peace and unconditional love. Not just as words, but as an exercise with every breath. It is an active state of being, of being aware, of seeing the ugliness behind surface beauty, and the light within that ugliness. Of acknowledging that within ‘us’ flows what we see, hear, feel and do. It is not ‘out there’.

We resist peacefulness for the same reason. Peaceful world seems unmoving, even boring. What will we do if we are peaceful? Will we just be floating about? This vision showed me just how much more active we’ll be when we’re not lost in the maze of our unknowing aka the ego world of illusion!

This blessed morning was followed by a magical day as we held a Reiki class in the outdoors.

birds-at-matheson crystals

Reiki blessing experiencing the five elements within and around us, the six-ki, the sacred space of divine love that requires no further privacy or protection. Light and shade helped the release and awakening that takes place with a Reiki initiation.

Yesterday’s initiation was.partly in the park. Nature, and the blessings of the Reiki practitioners in our lineage family who were present in person and in the etheric. We were from Cuba, USA, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, India….yet we all speak one language: of Divine love that comes to earth as innocence.🌷

Ibis gathered near us. Fish leaped, and the only people who looked at us and moved on, were a group of fishermen. A blue heron stayed for the ceremony, then flew away squawking. Unseen, a yoga class was in session, a wedding was on nearby, and their music flowed with ours: Merlin Magic’s Reiki ~ the Light Touch.  Wind was conducting the orchestra, and ensured that the notes flowed together perfectly! A pregnant woman was getting her baby bump photographed. That is m-IAM-I!

It is a blessing to witness the unfolding of Reiki and know that there are so many who are a blessing to themselves, their near and dear ones, and the world.

Thank you, wonderful world.

In loving light


From ignorance to innocence

January 15, 2017

Do you feel you’ve got less than from life than  you deserve: of love,  money, work, fulfillment?

It’s ignorance. It’s when we don’t see the largeness of who we are, and of what the work really is, that we feel a lack. It’s not a lack of love, money, work, but a lack of perspective. It’s what we variously call ego, illusion, separateness, maya. A playful descent into the illusion of lack.

Step back from what you think you are. You are not just your education or station in life, you are not what you do, or have, or feel: you are the universe itself, you are the co-creator, the dream that you have of wholeness, of abundance, prosperity, love. That is who you are. Everything, and nothing. Accept. Surrender. Innocence.

What is the situation in which you are placed – in your family, work, location? It is not just a family, a job, a place. It is a space that has needed just you to be here, at this moment of time. It is a space that needed your input, your sensing, and your action.

If we feel we receive less than we deserve, we need to ask a different question – Not: “When will I receive what I want?” but “What shall I do, to see what I am really receiving? What shall I do, to know what I really want? What shall I do, to change the feeling that I have, of getting less than I deserve?”

And so we move, from ignorance to innocence. Soul descends from purity to illusion. We rise from ignorance to innocence~ Meenakshi Suri


In joyful awareness

©2017 Meenakshi Suri

The path is always right

January 10, 2017

Seeds…Smile… Feet…. and a sage.
This was 3 years before suJOK came into my life. Perhaps it was foretold!

The Gaia Minute

In 2009, Swamiji was still with us, and a story came to me.

“As he walked down the path, the sage stepped on a patch of grass. Something poked the soles of his feet. Bending down, he found a seed embedded in the skin. Gently taking it out, he planted it in the soil.
It was the seed of the same peepal tree that child had played under…

The sage knew this was a sign, and smiled. The path is always right, but now he knew how his message would be received.”

~ © 2009 Meenakshi Suri, from the book as yet unpublished, Gaia Smiles

I shared this excerpt with him, and he, in his infinite love, wrote “I am really loving your writing”….

I felt deeply blessed. He is with us still, the seed he planted is now sprouting in many hearts. The movement is slower than I had…

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