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Smile Always

October 21, 2014
A smile we have

A smile we have, says Journey to Wholeness….

A few days ago, I showed a friend one of my most precious possessions. Whatever you want from here, you can take, I told her somewhat grandly. But not this. This bookmark, made many years ago by my daughter, is precious to me. Priceless.

A smile we have

I woke up with a start as I remembered something yesterday. I was smiling.

When my daughter was smile [- ah, a typo that I will keep]- so as I was saying, when my daughter was small, she once wanted something that we did not buy for her. Perhaps it was expensive, perhaps it didn’t seem worth it to me, or perhaps she would be given it later. I am not sure. But the waiting period was difficult for her, so I wrote on a post-it note, the key to being happy while waiting.

A smile we have

Now, exploring Prof. Park Jae Woo’s Triorigin Theory, imbued in smile consciousness, I wonder ..can I express it this way?

A smile we have

As I understand it, something is Hetero, Homo or Neutro depending on one’s point of view. Today, this is my point of view. Others are jostling for expression, but let’s keep things simple. For now, this is enough.

I wanted – to write

I wrote

I am posting the blog

and all, with smile.

Life’s wonderful. Depends on how you look at it!

My seven year old showed me how.

But you told her first, you say? Depends on your point of view. Did the mother birth the child or the child birth the mother?

Smile. Always.


Hmm…how do I describe myself?

September 23, 2014

A few days back a group of us met for the first time, and each of us was asked to describe ourselves.

It was for facilitating classes in a holistic gym (intriguing, right?). So, as my turn is coming, those words are swirling around ..I want to say it in one sentence. I gave the words the task to form themselves into one simple sentence, so I could focus on what each person was saying.

When my turn came, I found myself talking about what I was offering.  Mudra, Mantra and Movement. And in my heart I thank Professor Park Jae Woo who has formulated a way of bringing many ways of experiencing and healing with energy, in a remarkable system.

One person said — Hmmm. How do I describe myself? She struggled with it a little, as she has done so much.

There is a point at which all the layers of our life jostle to find expression.

Then a little bird comes and says – Tweet! And somehow the sentence forms itself.

I offer sessions of Mudra, Mantra and Meditation.

Don’t be so sure…the gift of doubt

July 20, 2014

Don’t be so sure always, that you know why another person has responded to you as they have. The gift of doubt helps us to give benefit of the doubt to someone who hasn’t behaved in a way that we like. In this case, doubt is of a higher vibration than being sure that the other person is motivated by malice.

HIgher than doubt, of course, is faith – that always, the highest good of all concerned is being brought about. We may not be able to see why some paths are blocked and others open up, but…faith.

Higher than faith, or rather, more expanded than faith, is knowing. For that of course, we need to become aware, expand our perspective, let go of what binds us to ignorance.

I have always been drawn to the saying that is purportedly ‘Chinese':

He who knows, and knows he knows, is wise – follow him.
He who knows not, and knows he knows not, is a child – teach him.
He who knows and knows not he knows, is asleep – wake him.
He who knows not and knows not he knows not, is a fool – shun him.
[Remember, back in the days, 'he' was supposed to embrace 'she']


I like to re-view things, so, fifty years after I first read these words, this is what I would say:

One who knows, knows s/he knows, tweets and shares, is wise – follow what resonates.
One who knows not, knows s/he knows not, and asks to learn, is a child – teach what you know.
One who knows, knows not s/he knows, and reveals wisdom, is asleep – waken by allowing universal energy to flow through you.
One who knows not, knows not s/he knows not, and tweets and shares, is unwise- let go.

The earlier one rolls off more easily off the tongue, but this one is more ‘today’.

So – it’s better to be unsure, and doubt one’s initial reaction than to allow it to ru[i]n our life!

What say you?


July 3, 2014

In the absence of a loved one is the presence felt most strongly –  in yearning, wanting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, and above all, smiling. In absence is the loved one fully realized. The presence, the aura fills the mind, the moments of life, the chemicals of the body.

In the presence of a loved one, absence can raise its head. The fear of parting,  imagined or imminent. In the physical presence, the parted lover is also present. The aura, after all, is timeless, pervading all of space, and we can traverse anywhere and anywhen in that space-time.

I often wonder – can we not fully embrace the loved one, so that absence and presence are both equally real? The smile replies: you smiled, didn’t you? In absence or presence, you smiled. You are always together. You are always traversing one another’s aura. That is the gift of love. This understanding. This moment, as my friend reminds me, of satori.

As I write this, Pancake cries, missing his human mother, and presents me his back for a rub. He came as a pup, a street dog hounded by enemies human and animal, and has been raised as a beloved child by my cousins. With his independent ways, still prickly from his childhood nightmares, yet so open to love, he has managed to open the heart chakra of many who normally don’t like animal pets. I remember how my dad never forgot his childhood pet who died missing them all before they could get  him to the town that they had moved to. Thanks to this memory, he didn’t let us keep a dog. We moved too much, he said, and it would not be fair. How we dread absence! How present it is in our lives, that life-long decisions are based on it.


Those hottest of summers

June 11, 2014
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Remember when we had visited you in Moradabad? my cousin asked. You must have been all of two years old, so you probably don’t. It was summer, and we all slept outdoors, in charpoys all laid out in a row in the gardens of those bungalows left behind by the British. These were the days before air conditioners.

A dim memory stirs. Warm breeze turning cooler by the morning, mosquito nets, and my mother sitting by the bedside, guiding me and my sisters to sleep. How beautiful to sleep under the stars, watched over by Orion, the steady companion. I do have to say though, that this last is not remembered, but a super-imposition of later memories. So goes memory. How reliable it seems until we wade into its depths.

Of course, for most people in this record-breaking heat of summer, life has not changed much. Air conditioners are a rarity, and almost no-one has centrally cooled homes. Here we are, visiting Delhi and Gurgaon in a year which has seen days hotter than anything my age-mates have seen. This time I am not minding it, and it is not because of retreating into cooled air. It is a thought given by a cousin.

A few years ago, when I was grumbling about the intense heat, worsened by regular and long power cuts, a cousin reminded me with a twinkle in her eye: “You would pay a lot to get a sauna – here you are getting it free.”

It helps me. Thoughts are powerful. They move anywhere we will.

Where’s your thought moving today?


Choose to be Happy. It really is that simple. #1

April 27, 2014

Meenakshi ~ Journey to Wholeness:

Introducing a blog of a lovely and talented counselor and friend. A short, simple message a day … choose happiness today.

Originally posted on Satori Centre:

Do away 564147_10151174309652346_382606458_nwith the “only when…”

Only when I have the perfect job, only when I have the perfect spouse, only when I have the perfect house…Reality Check…There is no perfect job. No perfect spouse. No perfect place.

We can keep postponing happiness ad infinitum if we keep waiting .

Choose happiness today. It really is that simple.

Image Source: Tashi Hishey Collection

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Serving you serving me

February 4, 2014

Meenakshi ~ Journey to Wholeness:

When I come to India, there is the service to the mother, which is a blessing, because usually it means I stay more in body-awareness and allow myself to tend to my physical body. It hasn’t happened this time, for a variety of reasons, and the poor body, knowing it is being neglected, has been storing reserves.
Good thing, actually, because this time as I was about to return, my mother-in-law needed to be hospitalized and we are now tending to her. Her real illness – not looking after her own physical body because she was busy trying to tend to another. So, we are now looking after her. Seeing me neglect myself, loved ones give much-needed advice. So, we all are in the same spiral, of neglect of physical body.
Strangely, in the Mazaa Club for seniors started by sister, we had recently had a discussion on the importance of looking after our physical body, and I realize that this is one area where so many of us neglect ourselves. There is an expense of energy – time, money, thought, effort- that the physical body requires, and that many of us are unwilling or feel ourselves unable to provide. This causes someone in our environment to need to tend to us. And so, it goes on. We are inter-connected in a culture of carelessness of self and caring of other that can only be made right by one awareness.
Self is one.
Yet, it doesn’t end there, because the physical body needs physical energy tending, and so, I realize once again, ruefully, there is work to be done, and sometimes I need to do what I consider selfish – tend to my body before tending to the other – so that I can do what I consider selfless.

In serving the mother, we serve ourselves. In serving ourselves we serve our children. There is a physical truth to this that is worth exploring. A little hint: girls are born, we are told, with the seeds of all their unborn children within them.

Life is interesting, and in writing it all out, I feel joyful. Thanks for being with me.

Originally posted on Journey to Wholeness:

Selfish, selfless, self-serving. Three phrases, three vibrations.
In one moment of awareness, they are one.
All is Self. There is no not-Self.


Materialistic, spiritual, other-worldly. Lower self, self, Higher Self. Three phrases, three dimensions.
In one unfolding of awareness, they merge.
Self is multi-dimensional. All is in one.

Higher-Self[1]Body, mind life. Three words. Three directions.
From one point of view, the diamond of Self unfolds.
Self branches in different directions. One in all.

Self emerges

Smile! S..m..i..l..e.. Smile.Three words. Three ways.
In one moment of connection, each flows into the other.
Smile of body, mind, life eMERGEs from soul smile.

In gratitude to the beauty of this life.



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